Opening to the Possibilities

Providing a Guided Journey from Pregnancy to Birth and beyond

What do I offer you?

I am experienced in both hospital and home births and have supported VBAC clients as well.
I offer you a complimentary first meeting to discuss your birth wishes. As your doula I will meet with you and your partner two to three times prenatally to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming birth and to help you prepare.

Two weeks before and after your due date I will be on call 24 hours a day for you. When the baby's birth day arrives I will join you at home or in your chosen birth place when you feel that you need me.

I will help you to honor your birth plan in any ways that I can , through my support and presence. I will remain with you throughout your labor and for about two hours after your birth to help you get adjusted to your new family.

After the baby's arrival I will be available as a resource by phone for any questions you may have and will visit with you after your baby's arrival to discuss your birth and meet the little one!